HiringThe most important element, after the consultant’s credentials to actually fulfil the job they are being hired for, is to establish whether you and your people could have a productive and meaningful working relationship with them.


Please read this article for a guide to what to look for in a consultant.


It is always my aim to work in close partnership with customers when managing any element of a design, construction or operational process. The assessment of a client’s needs combined with an understanding of their philosophies for the operation of their club/business is paramount to my ethic.


As all my services are people and results based, the aim of first contact is to ensure that you gain maximum benefit from my services from the outset, and that you do not waste money establishing whether KMgc are a ‘fit’ for your requirements.


I am always happy to meet with you and members of your management team to explore ways in which KMgc can be of benefit to your development or operation.


If there are specific issues you wish to address, or simply recognise that having an experienced

independent professional golf consultant as a sounding board is pure common sense, please contact me on any of the numbers below or email for an introductory chat.



Office: +44 (0)1252 819897


Mobile: +44 (0) 7810 473623


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