Architect Support Services


architectsupportservicesKMgc offers a tailored support services to golf course architects that provide professional and practical developmental support experience in all ‘non-drawn areas’ of the design process.


“My aim is to assist your practice move its plans and designs smoothly onto the earth”




My services offer the following benefits:-


o aids designers in delivering a more comprehensive client service

o allows ‘room’ in the practice for the key skills of golf architecture and design

o negates the need for fixed overheads, employment legislation issues, etc

o increases the flexibility and dynamic of the practice

o adds skill and in-depth experience that can be trusted




I provide skills in and delivery of the following key development areas:


o Feasibility Studies

o Construction Specifications

o ‘On site’ Design Representation

o Project & Programme Management

o Agronomic and Golf Course Management Policy

o Client Facing Representation