Commercial Facility Services


Inset_commercialfacilityservicesSimply having an experienced independent golf industry professional as a sounding board makes common sense. This is where I can really help. My unique ‘top to bottom’ experience in golf course maintenance, club management, course construction and commercial development enables me to identify the root cause of problems, and brings a balanced perspective to achieving short and long term results in a manner consistent with your commercial business’ stated objectives and financial constraints.


Integrated services covering:


o Golf business operations – sales, marketing, operations, resources

o Golf course management – policy, agronomy, operations, resource management, tournament preparation


Medium to long-term project delivery


o Strategic status – stated business/club purpose, goals and strategy

o Operational status - resources, structure and processes in relation to purpose

o Development – identification of areas for development, progress and improvement

o Task Prioritisation – matrix focused on actions required for the way forward

o Key performance criteria – for total business/club and individual departments

o Monitoring – progress against agreed timescales


Golf course management operations


“Avoid an agronomic only advisory path and adopt a total course management route”


KMgc provide ‘Health Checks’ for golf operators course maintenance practices covering the key areas of:




o Strategic level – policy driven

o Resource utilisation – real cost of every operation known

o Evaluation – cost of each operation versus agronomic or aesthetic result

o Maintenance programmes – proactive scheduling, efficient repeat operations




o Quotations – tender process driven not ‘knee jerk’ purchases

o Negotiation – driving costs down and benefits up

o Ordering process – efficient recording, tracking and checking

o Stock – ‘just in time’ levels and shelf-life controls




o Agronomic policy and course management policy documentation

o Golf course management programmes

o Key task prioritisation

o Trouble shooting – Identification of agronomic problems & resolutions




o Management – usable information, on time, direct and understood

o Staff – enthusiastic, concise, motivated, controlled

o Members/Guests/Customers – professional, diplomatic, resolving



KMgc Ensuring operations are financially efficient and quality driven in all of these key areas