Mentoring & Training Services


Inset_mentoringandtrainingservicesA key element of my service offering is close working relationships with the golf course managers. I offer a mentoring service to Course Managers/Head Greenkeepers who I hope will enjoy the benefit of my experience.


I provide immediate and impartial advice that can rapidly assist a course manager in progressing their management problems/issues and thus their courses condition, leading ultimately to profitability and harmony within their respective clubs.


“Golf course management is the ‘hub’ of this industry”


My approach is ‘hands–on’, practical, cost based and quality driven, focusing on the resource management, financial and course quality benefits


I work as a ‘sounding board’ to Course managers providing focused resolution based advice and recommendations. Working with you, I aim to fully understand your operational concerns, issues and progress aims.


My involvement helps to influence the decision making process so that you are able to achieve measurable performance improvements across the whole of your course management operation.




Strategic assistance that will aid you in providing key management plans from ‘Finance to Fine Turf ’:


o Course management policy – planning and documentation

o Project management, programme planning and project delivery

o Operational management consultancy, process improvements

o Budget preparation and presentation

o Resource planning, management and scheduling

o Agronomic advice and consultation


KMgc aims to pass on its experience through consultation, advice and practical assistance in the following areas:


o Planning (medium and long term)

o Budgeting and reporting

o Agronomic aims and issues

o Course maintenance practices

o ‘On site’ workshop based greenstaff development training

o Tournament preparation