Private Golf Club Services


Inset_privategolfclubservicesPrivate golf clubs should be loved and cherished by their membership who are proud to be a part of a club that has its golf course at heart and are delighted to be playing their course.


As an advisor to clubs who want to achieve this level of membership satisfaction I see it as my consultative duty to fully understand every aspect of your course management operation.


Having seen most course maintenance scenarios during my thirty years of golf course/club management and development, I am well placed to cut through the ‘smoke and mirrors’ and get straight to the heart of a problem. My unique, in-depth first hand cross-functional experience allows me to provide actionable and sustainable golf course centric solutions that facilitate beneficial change.


I know that the only way to approach the management of this most important asset is by operating within a set of agreed parameters, that are aligned to the clubs strategic plans, built around medium to long-term timescales and that are written down as policy, understood and adopted by all.




My consultancy service offers the following benefits:-


o helps management boards, club officials and operational management navigate along a single path

o provides a pre-agreed course management policy

o allows medium to long-term strategies to be formulated for all capital and P&L expenditure

o pre-agreed agronomic management policy and direction

o ensures succession management

o continuity of professional opinion, advice and management

o mentoring for Course Manager/ Head Greenkeeper

o consistency and incremental improvement of playing conditions




I provide coordination of ‘End to End’ processes for managing your golf course covering:


o Agronomic Policy

o Maintenance Programmes

o Environmental Policy

o Annual Budgeting and Controls

o Personnel

o Plant and Machinery

o Course Design and Development Policy

o Construction Programmes

o ‘On site’ workshop based greenstaff development training